About Stratagem Construction

Stratagem Construction presents itself as a discerning choice for those embarking on the adventurous journey of home remodeling in the bustling city of Chicago. With a proclaimed commitment to customer satisfaction and a seamless blend of design ingenuity and skilled workmanship, they offer a comprehensive suite of services that range from kitchen and bathroom remodels to major renovations and even custom-built features.

One of the standout attributes of Stratagem Construction is their in-house design team, which suggests a harmonious integration of the creative and execution phases of the remodeling process. This collaboration is pivotal for those who value a coherent translation of vision into reality, minimizing the risk of miscommunication that can often occur when multiple parties are involved. Their custom wood-working shop is another feather in their cap, allowing for the creation of unique architectural features that can imbue a home with character and distinction.

Their front-page boasts of expertise in a variety of services, which include the construction of custom homes and luxury townhouses, as well as the remodeling of specific home areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and basements. The versatility of their skill set is commendable and suggests a capacity to tackle projects of varying complexity and scope. For homeowners apprehensive about the chaos typically associated with remodeling, Stratagem Construction's pledge to minimize the impact of construction on daily life may offer a sigh of relief.

However, as with any service-oriented business, the proof of prowess lies in customer experiences and outcomes. Stratagem Construction's front-page testimonials seem to exude a sense of confidence in their project management and execution, with clients praising the timeliness and quality of work. The company's mention of their custom cabinets and built-ins, along with the high-quality finishes and materials, implies a level of craftsmanship that may well justify consideration.

While the company prides itself on its efficient and hassle-free service, it's important for potential clients to delve deeper into reviews and portfolios to gauge consistency in performance. Additionally, while the firm expresses a dedication to keeping projects on schedule and within budget, prospective customers should seek clarity on how Stratagem navigates the unexpected challenges that can arise during remodeling projects.

In a competitive market teeming with remodeling contractors, Stratagem Construction's commitment to a 'concept to completion' approach sets them apart. This holistic strategy, coupled with their real estate development experience, positions them as a potentially wise option for those looking to invest in their homes with an eye towards future resale value. Their assurance of transparent communication and adherence to client specifications further underscores their professional ethos.

In conclusion, Stratagem Construction appears to offer a robust package of design and construction services, backed by a philosophy that emphasizes customer satisfaction and meticulous craftsmanship. While their narrative is compelling, wise homeowners will do well to conduct thorough research, compare quotes, and perhaps even visit past project sites to ensure that the company's promises align with reality. In the dynamic world of home remodeling, Stratagem Construction seems poised to craft spaces that resonate with homeowners' aspirations, provided they consistently live up to the high standards they set.

Products and Services

Stratagem Construction is renowned for its seamless and innovative design-to-construction process in home remodeling, offering efficient and personalized kitchen, bathroom, and major renovation services with a specialty in custom cabinetry and built-ins, all crafted to minimize disruption and enhance the client's living space.

Kitchen Remodeling

Offering innovative design-to-construction process for kitchen remodeling, including custom kitchen cabinets workshop for unique finishes and materials.

Bathroom Remodeling

Specializing in bathroom transformations with in-house design team and a focus on efficiency and minimizing the impact of remodeling on clients' lives.

Custom Cabinetry and Built-ins

Providing custom cabinets, built-ins, and woodworking with a fully-equipped woodshop allowing for alterations and corrections within days.

Major Renovations

Handling large-scale projects such as complete home remodeling, major renovations, and new construction with comprehensive project execution.


  • Renowned for detailed planning and in-house design work

  • Offers custom wood-working, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship

  • Has extensive experience in both high-rise and ground-up new construction


  • The specialized nature of their custom services may come with a premium price tag

Getting Started

With Stratagem Construction, expect to work with a team that offers a smooth design to construction process. Your initial steps will likely involve consultations with their design team, followed by meticulous project management throughout the renovation. Get started by visiting their website and scheduling a consultation, or contact them through their office number. If Stratagem Construction doesn't meet your requirements, feel free to explore other companies in our rankings.