About Homewise Remodelers, Inc.

Homewise Remodelers, Inc. has established itself as a notable presence in the bustling world of home remodeling, distinguishing itself with a targeted focus on kitchen and bathroom transformations. Catering to the Chicagoland area, this full-service company prides itself on its ability to revitalize some of the most critical spaces in a home.

The attention to detail and the commitment to maintaining the integrity of a family's living space is evident in Homewise's approach. They emphasize minimizing disruption, which speaks volumes about their understanding of the personal nature of home renovation. This aspect is particularly reassuring for potential clients who might be apprehensive about the mess and intrusion often associated with remodeling projects.

With over two decades of experience, Homewise Remodelers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their longevity in the industry suggests a level of proficiency and reliability that comes only with time and practice. They boast a team that not only respects the client's home as their own but also shows up when they say they will—a small, yet crucial detail that is often a common grievance with contractors.

Their commitment to craftsmanship and quality work is a recurring theme in the company's ethos. However, it's not just the end product that Homewise focuses on; they place a strong emphasis on the journey—keeping clients informed and involved. This approach likely resonates well with homeowners who value transparency and involvement in the transformation of their living spaces.

Another standout feature is the company's responsiveness. In the world of home remodeling, unexpected issues are par for the course. Homewise's claim of prompt and effective communication during such scenarios offers a sense of security that potential issues will be managed efficiently and with minimal stress.

While Homewise's front-page text paints a picture of a company that's keen to keep its promises and deliver quality work, it would be beneficial for customers to look at actual client testimonials and project portfolios to corroborate these claims. After all, home remodeling is a significant investment, and tangible evidence of a company's success stories can be the deciding factor for many homeowners.

In conclusion, Homewise Remodelers, Inc. presents itself as a solid choice for homeowners in the Chicago area looking to rejuvenate their kitchens and bathrooms. Their professional standards, combined with a customer-centric approach, make them a company worth considering for your next home renovation project. However, as with any home service, it's always wise to do your due diligence, seek out customer reviews, and ensure that their vision aligns with your home remodeling goals.

Products and Services

Homewise Remodelers, Inc. specializes in comprehensive home transformation services, offering customized kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations with a focus on combining quality materials, superior workmanship, and responsive customer service to create functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces tailored to each client's vision and requirements.

Kitchen Remodeling

Complete renovation services for kitchens, including updating plumbing fixtures, re-tiling, and cabinetry.

Bathroom Remodeling

Full bathroom remodeling services, from updating fixtures to reconfiguring floor plans for a spacious experience.

Basement Remodeling

Transformation of unfinished basements into functional living spaces such as family rooms, offices, or additional bedrooms.


Custom kitchen and bath cabinetry offerings with a variety of door styles to fit any budget.


  • Over 23 years of experience in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling

  • Provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all services

  • Offers free 3-D renderings to help visualize redesigned spaces


  • The focus on three main remodeling areas may not cater to all types of renovation needs

Getting Started

Homewise Remodelers, Inc. focuses on balancing quality materials, superior workmanship, and budget. Signing up with them will involve discussions to find the right solution for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel within your budget. To begin, head to their website and fill out the form for a quick quote, or get in touch via email or phone. If Homewise Remodelers, Inc. isn't the right match, you can check out the rest of our rankings.