About Areté Renovators

In the bustling world of remodeling contractors, Areté Renovators shines through with a family-centric approach to home and commercial renovation projects. This 20-year-old Chicago-based stalwart specializes in interior design and build, carving out a niche as a preferred partner for high-rise condo remodeling, which speaks volumes about their reliability and expertise in navigating complex city regulations and building management expectations.

Areté, meaning 'quality' in Ancient Greek, is not just a part of the company name but a philosophy that the founders, brothers Igor and Davor, have woven into the fabric of their business. Alongside their father, a master carpenter, they've built a reputation that hinges on trust, workmanship, and customer service. The company's commitment to honest and excellent service is evident from the outset, aiming to foster lasting relationships with clients, a trait that potential customers would find reassuring.

Their hands-on approach, with the company owners directly engaging with clients, sets them apart from many in the industry. This direct line to the top ensures that communication remains clear and any issues are promptly addressed, a critical factor in the often complex and stressful process of remodeling. Clients looking for a personal touch and open lines of communication would do well to consider Areté for their remodeling needs.

The company's comprehensive service offerings, from design consultations to obtaining city permits and post-construction maintenance, offer clients a seamless experience. Their design studio, Areté The Art of Design, is a testament to their dedication to not only constructing spaces but also crafting them with an artist's attention to detail. For homeowners and businesses alike, the ability to handle everything from gut rehabs to full-scale construction projects under one roof is a significant advantage.

In terms of craftsmanship, Areté's portfolio speaks for itself. Showcasing a range of projects including luxurious kitchens, serene bathrooms, and complete high-rise renovations, the quality of work is apparent. Prospective clients can take comfort in knowing that Areté doesn't just promise excellence; they have a history of delivering it.

However, no company is without room for improvement. While Areté Renovators has much to offer, customers should always consider their specific needs and how they align with the services provided. It's essential to engage in a detailed consultation to ensure that their vision can be entirely realized by the team.

In conclusion, Areté Renovators stands out in the competitive remodeling industry with its family-run ethos, direct owner involvement, and robust portfolio. With a strong focus on quality and client relationships, they offer a full spectrum of services that can cater to a diverse range of remodeling needs. While customers should always conduct their due diligence, those in the Chicago area seeking a remodeling contractor with a personal touch and a commitment to craftsmanship may find Areté Renovators to be a compelling choice.

Products and Services

Areté Renovators offers a comprehensive design-build remodeling service that integrates every phase of the project from design to construction, specializing in both residential and commercial spaces with a focus on high-rise condos, ensuring quality, seamless execution, and strong partnerships for a tailored customer experience.

Design Build

Integrated approach ensuring seamless execution from initial design through to construction, reducing miscommunication risks and ensuring a harmonious final product.

Residential Remodeling

Full-service interior remodeling for residential properties, including kitchens, bathrooms, and full gut rehabs, tailored to client specifications and managed from conception to completion.

Commercial Remodeling

Expertise in remodeling and renovating commercial spaces, including storefronts and high-rise amenity spaces, with a focus on quality and reliability.

High Rise/Condo Remodeling

Specialized services in high-rise condo remodeling, with strong partnerships in building management to deliver renovations that enhance both functionality and aesthetics.


  • 20 years of family-run business experience specializing in interior remodeling

  • Offers a design-build model integrating design, architectural services, and construction

  • Specializes in high-rise condo remodeling with strong partnerships in building management


  • The initial investment range may be higher due to their specialized condo focus

Getting Started

Areté Renovators is known for their quality workmanship and reliable project management in both residential and commercial remodeling. After signing up, you can expect a seamless experience from design consultations to the final construction phase. To get started, visit their website to schedule a consultation or give them a call. If Areté Renovators doesn't seem to be the right fit, there are more options available in the rest of our rankings.